From the venue to the color palette, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to planning a wedding. But with so much information at your fingertips, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Instead of trying to decide on everything all at once, try picking one theme that you can work into every aspect of your big day. With a cohesive idea in mind, you’ll be able to pick the perfect dress, decor and more.

When thinking about decor and flowers, consider using roses or peonies in subtle pastel shades or bright pops of color like pink or red. I think these options are especially nice because they’re associated with romance and love (and who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?)

Other popular choices include daisies for summer weddings or tulips during springtime celebrations.

Here are some popular themes.

Bohemian Wedding

If you want your wedding to feel like a free-spirited getaway—without actually having to travel far—consider throwing a bohemian celebration. Think lots of candles and flowers, with some greenery in between.

The bohemian wedding theme is perfect for this type of event. It’s all about lace, flowers, baguettes, wine bottles (or champagne!), and other vintage pieces that create an eclectic but romantic atmosphere. The natural elements of the theme are so beautiful they don’t require much embellishment—just some candles or string lights to add sparkle. A must-have element for this style is a chandelier centerpiece made from teardrop pendants hung from branches or draped with fabric swags (you can find great DIY tutorials online). 

Parisian Chic Wedding

Paris is the city of love, fashion and romance. It’s no wonder why so many brides dream of having their wedding day in Paris. Here are some ideas for your Parisian chic wedding:

Colour Scheme: The colour scheme can be anything from pink to red to purple, depending on what you like. Try mixing pastel colours with bolder ones like fuchsia or turquoise. You can also add that vintage look by using old fabrics or lace.

Flowers: French roses are a classic choice for any Parisian themed wedding, but there are many other options as well. For example, try adding dahlias or peonies to your bouquet or table arrangements! You can also use some greenery such as ivy or holly berries around the venue and hang some banners from the ceiling. If you want to go more traditional then try white lilies and roses with greenery!

Cake: A cake decorated with flowers is always a good idea but if you really want something different then why not try making it into a replica of the Eiffel tower? 

All-in White Wedding

This is a classic and timeless wedding theme that never fails to impress. It’s elegant, timeless, and romantic. If you’re not sure about this theme, take inspiration from your venue and incorporate elements of white into it. The venue could be decorated with white flowers or lights. You can also add pops of color in other parts of the venue such as on centerpieces or table settings.

An all-white theme, using white and green for flowers and candles for lights. Create a flower wall for the ceremony with all white flowers (peonies, roses), which gave the backdrop a romantic feel. For the centerpieces at dinner, use mostly peonies and greens that were scattered on each table in different size vessels. There are so many details to consider when planning your wedding but it’s important that you don’t stress over every single one—just go by how you feel about them; let those feelings guide you in making decisions.